A is for Art, My iPhone paintings-72
Mostly in the 90’s I collaborated in exhibits with a poet, a visual artist and a couple of musicians.

A dancer performance artist has recently expressed interest in doing a collaboration with me, but this has not gotten of the ground yet. Both of us have been very busy with our individual projects.

Next year I will be collaborating through emails with my cousin from El Salvador, Central America; and my  brother living in San Francisco, California. We will be collaborating on a book telling the story of our grand parents. My grand father from Scotland went to El Salvador when he was 16 years old. He married my grand mother, a native woman from El Salvador. My cousin and my brother are doing the research for the story. I think that I will be doing most of the writing. The email collaboration aspect of this project is very important because we all live so far apart. Each of us will be serving a very important part in the project and whole will be greater than its parts.



Please let me know what you think

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