Collective Narrative

On October 2012,  I opened a new multimedia art gallery called: iGalleryKathyClem in Rochester, NY. The exhibit in this gallery was called Fantasy. This consisted of an installation and an animated movie. Visitors were invited to participate in the installation by deciphering secrets messages with a decoder. The images in the installation were inspired by my cat Aazure who passed away in 2009. My websites:,, I had been reticent to engage in social media. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, mainly, because of time. But now that I am learning to blog, I think that I will be redoing my website in the future and include a blog. Here is Fantasy the animated movie, this was done with Motion, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. The music was created with Garage Band in my iPad and then Garage Band in my iMac. kathyclem©2013

Please let me know what you think

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