Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous 2014

"Daisy" iPhone painting by KathyClem ©2010

“Daisy” iPhone painting by Kathy Clem ©2010

A new year starts today and it is a point to look back and review and reflect on last year accomplishments and to set goals for the new year.

Reading and writing was on top of my lists for last year and it will continue to be for 2014. I read 20 books on collage, 10 books on multimedia art, and 5 books on photography. I was invited to write about my work in the Metropolitan Magazine in the Fall issue of the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester. Kathy Clem: Art and Remembrance, An Alphabet, page 16; this was my first published article. On 2013 started a book about my artwork, this is now on my lap for final revisions from the book designer and printer. To finish this book is on my priority list for 2014.

Family was important last year, I reconnected with my brother who lives in California and cousin who lives in El Salvador. We had a fabulous reunion for two weeks here in Rochester, NY. The three of us are collaborating on a book about the life story of our grandparents. My brother and cousin are now in El Salvador and just lately experienced the eruption of the volcano Chaparrastique.

I took two excellent MOMA online classes last year: The first one Experimenting with Collage with Katerina Lanfranco and the second one Catalysts: Artists Creating with Sound, Video, and Time with Randall Packer. Things that I learned in these classes will be in one way or another expressed in my future shows.

Last fall I started the work for my exhibit: M is for Mother, coming up in May 2014. This exhibit is going very well and I plan to have photos for publicity in two weeks. Also, In two weeks I will also start working on a video that will be part of my exhibit P is for Placesto be shown on October 2014.

The Whitney Biennial is on my list on new shows to see in 2014. Hopefully, I will also have time to attend the IWWG Summer Conference this year. I always look forward to this conference because of the new friends I make, and writing tips I learn.

Redesigning my websites is on my list of goals for 2014.

And last but not least, for 2014 my greatest goal of all is ENJOYING THE JOURNEY and the time I spend with my FAMILY and FRIENDS.

For further reading about Contemporary Art and MOMA courses see Janetsatelier.wordpress.com: 5 Puzzles of Contemporary Art

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