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"Amarilys" iPhone painting by KathyClem ©2010

“Amaryllis” iPhone painting by Kathy Clem ©2010

Please check my other blog you might be interested in my exhibit: “W is for WordPainting”

I just added an interactive poem called: “Tapestry Play” where you need to tap the poem to get a new picture and  the next line of the poem.

Have fun and Play!

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  1. hi kathy, i am loving the flower paintings. but i guess i’m old skool and out of circulation
    so can i ask how you produce these incredible iPhone paintings? is it a painting / drawing app taken from pics and processed?

    and ty so much for the follow, encouragement is always greatly appreciated.


  2. Thank you so much for your comment and follow of my blog. These flowers were painted in 2009 in my iPhone 3G. I used PhotoForge by Gostbirdsoftware It was a great app and had the best painting program at the time. Later Gostbirdsoftware made PhotoForge 2 (a photography app) and dropped support for PhotoForge (the painting and photography app). I just found out the other day that Yahoo had acquired Gostbirdsoftware on 2013 and they are no longer selling or supporting their previous apps. I haven’t used PhotoForge for many years now. Basically, you take a photograph and paint on top of it. In the case of my flowers parts are painted and parts are enhanced photographs.


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