Santa Fe

Ghost Ranch, NM KathyClem© 2015

Ghost Ranch, NM       KathyClem© 2015


I just returned from Santa Fe, NM and had the opportunity to take a tour of Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in Ghost RanchGhost Ranch is located about 65 miles of Santa Fe and is worth a trip to see the beautiful landscape that was the inspiration for many of O’Keeffe’s paintings.

While in Santa Fe, in preparation for my next exhibit G is for Gourmet(2016), I took five cooking classes and restaurant Walk I and Walk II at the Santa Fe School of Cooking. The restaurant walks were fabulous because on each walk we visited 4 restaurants where we could talk to the chef about their cuisine. At each restaurant we also sampled a pairing of wine and either an entrée or an appetizer from their menu. This was an excellent and delicious way to learn about the many different restaurants in Santa Fe.

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  1. Glad to hear you had an exciting and pleasing experience in Santa Fe,Kathy Dear!O’Keeffe was such an inspirational Artist!
    Love her painting “Sky above Clouds”.Is the “Above the Clouds” the same painting with a different title?
    Mexican cuisine is so popular.Hope you can make some delicious Mexican dishes yourself now.Have a brilliant day 🙂 ❤ xxx

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    • Dear Doda,
      Thanks so much for your comment. As far as I can tell the real title for this series is: “Sky Above clouds” and there are 4 versions. “Sky Above Clouds IV” is the largest one, (8×24 feet). This was completed in 1965, when she was 77 to78 years old, and is owned by The Art institute of Chicago. See the following link:
      What I love about Santa Fe is that there is a blend of native american, mexican, spanish, french, and western cuisine. Each restaurant had its own slant… I can’t wait to visit again, because I want to see all the Museums and only had a chance to see 1 out of 12, and never got to the commercial Gallery Row. As I understand, Santa Fe is #3 in cities with the most galleries in the US.
      Thanks again for your comment. Have a beautiful day! Lots of love, 💝♡☆ Kathy

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      • Thank you for your rich and most informative reply dear Kathy!Clicked the link and I found it very interesting;all is clear to me now,that’s a wonderful series,I knew only one of them.You really sound enthusiastic about the museums and the cuisine of Santa Fe.Hope you soon re-visit and enjoy yourself again.Happy Friday 🙂 ❤ xxx

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    • Thanks Aquileana.
      Santa Fe was a great vacation. Right now I am writing my second book/catalog from exhibits I had last year. Then I will be returning to my new projects. We are having a beautiful spring and I am also planting all my new flowers and exercising/walking more. Thanks for stopping by. 💝♡☆


  2. Wow, five cooking classes! It’s always good to learn something new especially if it’s about something you are passionate about. I find the Ghost Ranch intriguing. I want to know its history and what it has become now.

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    • Thank you very much I feel very honored. Unfortunately I don’t do awards. I am very happy you like my blog. Have a beautiful New Year!
      Again, Thank you!♡☆💝


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