Volcano Erupts in El Salvador

The following video is by Paul Gilbert

News from my cousin and brother who are now in the towns of Santiago de Maria and Berlin a few miles away from the volcano Chaparrastique  in San Miguel, El Salvador.

The Chaparrastique volcano erupted yesterday morning sending clouds of smoke and ashes into the sky. The last eruption from this volcano was 37 years ago. People near the volcano are ordered to evacuate.

Ashes fall in Santiago de Maria. Photos by Mauricio Butter from Santiago de Maria, El Salvador:

ChaparrastiqueSantiago de Maria-1Santiago de Maria-2

The smell of sulfuric acid is reported in Berlin. Photos by David and Marta Vallejo from Berlin, El Salvador:


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  1. I feel very sorry for the people displaced by the terrible experience of the volcano and hope your family members in El Salvador or safe.
    Thank you for visiting my Blog and may 2014 brings you much happiness.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Tex,
      I think that the displaced people have gone back to their homes. My brother and cousin left town for a few days until the smell of sulfuric acid was gone. As I heard from my cousin, the clean up of the ash was pretty big. He said that it was very heavy and smelled like sulfur.
      He also said that it is uncertain as to what will happen next with the volcano.
      It seems that life is back to normal now.
      Thanks again for your concern,



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