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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog and “W IS FOR WORDPAINTING” as well. You are a first-rate, multi-talented Artist, Poet, and Gardener.
    Thanks again, Tex Arty


  2. Wow. The fact that (if I’m correct) this is all made on an iPhone is astounding. I’d be curious about what kind of app you use although I think even I’d be at a loss for how you created these.


    • Thank you very much for your comment. The app I used in 2009 was PhotoForge, by Gostbirdsoftware. The developer made PhotoForge for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G and 3GS. It was a great app that had the best painting program at the time. Later Gostbirdsoftware made PhotoForge 2 (a photography app) and dropped support for PhotoForge (the painting and photography app). As I understand Gostbirdsoftware was acquired on June 12, 2013 by Yahoo. On that date they no longer supported any of their previous apps.

      As you can see, things come and go very fast in the techworld. I haven’t used PhotoForge for years now. Basically in PhotoForge you were able to take a photograph and paint on top of it.


  3. Thank you Ester,
    The flowers are from my gardens. Thank you so much for commenting and for following my blog. You have a very interesting blog I have just started to read it, and I look forward to visiting often.
    Again, Thank you ♡



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