Making My Dream a Reality

"Iris" iPhone painting by KathyClem ©2010

“Iris” iPhone painting by KathyClem ©2010

This post was inspired by three of my blogging neighbors, I want to thank you for your wonderful inspiration.

I was touched by Dolly’s post Who Am I? Why Am I Here? in It’s Dolly Darling  In this post Dolly tells the story of how her parents made their dream a reality by working hard, studying and also helping their whole family. I loved the way Dolly told her story, so easy to read and the descriptions she gave of her homes and especially her parents. Just goes to show that dreams can become a reality if we put our heart into them.

I was also touched by the encouraging comments I got from two of my neighbors georginamoon  and Barbara Gabriel- Steal Just One Day. Their positive and supportive comments have inspired me to make my dream a reality. My dream is to write a screenplay of the story of my grandparents’ lives. I have never written a screenplay so I know that first I need to learn how to write one. I just started reading two books on how to write screenplays: So you Think Your Life’s a Movie? – Ten Steps to a Script That Sells by Linda Bergman, and Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field. I will also be keeping my eyes open for any classes and workshops on this topic. I am open for any other suggestions from my fellow bloggers. Again, Thank you!

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    • Thanks for the idea Rob,
      I just started to research screenwriting workshops in the internet and there is an amazing amount of possibilities through many venues, many workshops in Los Angeles and NYC. I am not ready to immerse myself completely in this project, I have a couple of shows to do before, but will start taking a class here and there. Again, thank you very much for your suggestion, it is greatly appreciated.♡🌹

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      • Wow, yes. I saw your schedule when I was enjoying your blog. All your projects that you have sound quite amazing! Your alphabet book, for instance… sounds like it is a culmination of many, many years.

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      • I want to do that, too. But in pursuing what I love, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty that I have been facing because of it. You feel like a small person at times, and each step forward is a tentative one, while you expect the ground to crumble beneath you. It’s inspiring to see and learn from the people who have made it through – and it gives me confidence that one day, I will get there, too!

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      • Dear Blue,
        I think that doing what you love is different for each individual. It is a very personal thing. For me it has always been learning, I love to learn. It always starts by setting my goals, and a schedule to accomplish these.
        I had painted for a long time but going back to school and getting my MFA taught me how to research for a project and how to do my own shows. I knew that this would be what I loved to do most for the rest of my life.
        My alphabet was a project that started many years ago, more than 20 years ago. For a long time it was put aside, because I didn’t know what to do with it. I resuscitated my alphabet in 2005. My brake came along when I was able to acquire the space next door to my studio, and I was able to remodel and convert this space into a gallery, it was a lot of work, cleaning, painting, putting new walls, scraping the floor; it took a whole year.
        Having my own space has allowed me to present my own kind of artwork.
        I don’t know what to say to you about conquering fear. Sometimes is better to just jump right in and start swimming, but be focused, have a destination, and don’t let anybody stop you.

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