My Dream Reader – Myself

"Magnolia 2" iPhone painting by KathyClem ©2010

“Magnolia 2” iPhone painting by KathyClem ©2010

We are talking about dreams.

One of my dreams is that someday I will write a screenplay for a movie. The story that I will tell is the story of my grandfather and grandmother’s lives. It will be a love story that starts the day my grandmother dies and I am helping my grandfather get dressed for her funeral.

The story takes place in Berlin a little town in the side of a volcano in El Salvador, Central America in the mid nineteen sixties.

My grandfather is looking at his suits and can’t find one that he wants to wear. He tells me they are all out of style and points to the lapels, he finally chooses one and says to me: “The first time your grandmother came to live here she came by oxcart, the monkeys were still hanging from the trees, and  now she is leaving in a funeral car.”

The story will unfold from this point.

My grandfather at sixteen years old saying goodby to his mother in Scotland and boarding a ship to cross the Atlantic to go to El Salvador in 1897.

I know I will have to do a lot of research, and unfortunately my mother and my aunts and uncles have passed away so they will not be able to help me. A lot will probably be my imagination and fantasy.

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    • Thank you Barbara,
      I am going to write it and will be in the screen. I am reading a couple of books on how to write screenplays right now. I know the more I talk and think about it the more real it becomes.
      Thanks for your comment and encouragment.


  1. Hi, Kathy…. So happy to see you are still creating beauty. I love the idea of you doing a screenplay, amd I would love to help. I wrote and produced a movie (“Dewitt & Maria”) that my son, Kurt, filmed. He still works as an independent filmmaker in Rochester. The story you have started sounds marvelous. I have many happy memories of our artists’ community in Rochester.

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    • Dear Jim,
      It is so great to hear from you! I WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP. It is really sweet of you to offer to help me. I will definitively let you know when I am ready. How have you been? Is your email and phone the same as when you where leaving Rochester? I will call you tomorrow to chat with you.


    • Thank you very much Steven,
      I am enjoying reading your blog. I have a lot to learn from you… I like the way you tell your stories, the way you describe your settings and your characters. And I hope to be reading your new book in the near future. Have a beautiful day. 🌹

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  2. This sounds so wonderful! We all have our own stories to tell and writing about something you believe in or something about someone you love is an amazing opportunity! I do hope you get to do this someday! Remember, “it always seems impossible until it’s done” 🙂

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